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DERMAVIDUALS skincare treatments

Dermaviduals is a revolution in skincare, using the new concept of corneotherapy. Formulated by Dr Hans Lautenshlager, this cosmeceutic product range has no preservatives, fragrances or emulsifiers, repairing the skin’s barrier defence system and enabling the skin to function properly. It is unique in that specific actives (in liposome and nanosome format, for maximum penetration) are custom blended into base creams specifically for your skin at this moment – as things change, your product can change with it. No two skins are alike, and this amazing new range from Germany reflects that.

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Advanced Skin Analysis provides you with customized and unique information about your skin.  It offers answers to your questions and guidelines for making choices regarding the best skin treatment for you.

This complete and professional skin analysis includes the use of skin diagnostic equipment that scientifically measures the four  key points of reference needed to determine the health of the skin: Hydration, Skin Lipid Levels, Melanin, and Erythema(redness). These advanced skincare measurements provide us with true readings of oil and water levels, as well as redness and pigment in your skin.  Combined with a thorough visual skin type analysis and a complete review of lifestyle and personal history, you are no longer guessing at the qualities of your skin.

Advanced Skin Analysis is your path toward measurable and visible results from the skin care treatments and customized skin products. So clean out your cupboards and finally have confidence in the investment you make into your skin.  Put your best face forward.

  • Have confidence when choosing skin products.
  • Understand what results are realistic for your skin and your goals.
  • Pick safe products and treatments for your skin.
  • Expect answers about active ingredients and tools used in the marketplace.
  • Know that you will have consistent care for your skin. £45 

30 minute Express Facial: £37

A quick boost to leave you glowing. Your skin is cleansed, exfoliated and a thick layer of Dermaviduals Vitamin Serum Mask is applied. You enjoy a relaxing neck and shoulder massage while your skin soaks up the mask. A perfect pick-me-up for tired skin!


1hr Dermaviduals Prescriptive facial: £60

This treatment can be modified to treat all skin types – whether you are congested, suffering from lines, dryness or dehydration, or your skin is prone to redness, itching and flaking. The highly effective actives are chosen specifically to address both the causes and the symptoms of your specific skin concern.

90 minute Dermaviduals Prescriptive facial £90

Your skin is cleansed then exfoliated with an enzyme peel and hot compresses. After assessing the skin conditions which are most important to treat, a cocktail of serums and the appropriate treatment modality for the day is applied . This is followed by an alginate mask and galvanic current to hydrate and nourish the skin. While these penetrate, you enjoy a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. The treatment is concluded with a luxurious facial massage.

2hr Dermaviduals Prescriptive facial £110

True indulgence for your skin and soul. The treatment begins with a half hour back massage, and continues as for the 1.5 hr DMS facial.

The Treatment Room Award Winning Salon

The Treatment Room Award Winning Salon

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